Do’s and Don’ts when styling Natural Hair

Having natural hair is great, it is extremely versatile and for many is very liberating, but natural hair is not always the easiest to manage. Some days your natural hair will do exactly what you want it to do, other days it is an unruly monster that leaves you wanting to hide in the house all day because it just won’t behave. Well here are some common mistakes made with natural hair that you can avoid and will help you achieve your desired look.


  • Do– Use products as instructed.  To get the most out of your hair products, read the product directions.  This will ensure  that you reap the benefits of the products. Leaving products on longer will not help but almost certainly leave your hair in an undesirable state
  • Don’t- Use too many natural hair products.  Using globs of product can not only starve your hair of natural moisture that it needs to fight frizz but it can also cause nasty build-up.  This is a mistake that is made often, when it comes to natural hair care products less is more.
  • Do- Use a detangling tool or technique to add definition to your curls and smooth  hair before styling.  This step will make a major difference in the finished product after styling.  Many stylist actually recommend detangling your hair every time you wash to minimize single strand knots.  When doing wash n go’s finger combing will suffice and when trying other natural styles it is best to use a wide tooth comb.
  • Don’t- Flip hair over while washing and styling this only helps to tangle the hair. Style your natural hair in the shower in the direction that it grows naturally.  This will help manage tangles.
  • Do- Use a styling product. Styling products are very important to achieve hold and minimizing frizz
  • Don’t- Use too little styling product.  Your natural hair should be saturated with your styling product for maximum results

You are now armed with a few tips that should save you a few hours of trial and error, frustration, and tired arms when trying your next natural style.


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